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January 30th, 2011 • Posted by Joyce Altieri • Permalink

Welcome to the Flair For Hair Beauty Blog! It is my intention to share head to toe beauty tips each week as well as the latest trends in hair color, style, fashion and make-up. I believe all people are beautiful; as an image professional it is my goal to bring your inner beauty out. The "Beauty Always" Blog will answer your questions and together we will solve your beauty challenges. This column is for you, so ask away and I will do my best to answer each and every one of you.Beauty comes from our character and confidence and always starts from within; it is what we put out to the universe. It is my passion and goal to help you make your out side shine; but remember, true beauty always comes from with in. -

Dear Joyce-Lyn,
Q. What is the easiest way to grow out my highlights. Every time I get my highlights done my ends are starting to look solid blonde. I am not sure, if I want to go back to my natural color or have some highlights around my face, but I want it to look more natural.
Natural Hair or Natural Highlights?

A. Let your stylist know you are feeling too blonde. Sometimes when you highlight your hair for a long time it can lose contrast. I suggest low-lights, i would add some of the natural tones back in your hair to create a more natural look. This will prevent you from losing your blonde altogether. Low-lights eliminate the harsh overly highlighted look while adding brightness around your face. I recommend this process be done twice a year to maintain a natural look.
   If an all around natural color is what you desire, a semi permanent color will match your re-growth and fill your blonde color throughout. I prefer PM SHINES, this product makes your hair shiny and fades on tone. You may have to refresh the PM SHINES to maintain the natural color while growing out your highlights. Remember there is a science to hair color it is not one color fits every person. Always look to a professional when coloring your hair.
Beauty Always


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